Advanced computational simulation of Multiple Myeloma cell cultures in a microgel environment

Duracion4-5 meses
Fecha Alta2022-01-28
Fecha Baja2023-01-28
ResumenCell cultures often require a calibration phase prior to testing. In this phase, the cell culture conditions are evaluated in terms of cell survival, including the diffusion of oxygen and certain nutrients, as well as the degree of effectiveness of the stimulus under study in the biological reactor. Using fluid mechanics analysis software, it is possible to zoom in on the real state of the cellular environment. In this project, discrete particle models (DPM - DEM - MPM) coupled to classic fluid mechanics models (CFD) will be applied, which will allow the study of cell dynamics (cell-cell and cell-microgel interactions) in the medium of culture. Thus, it is proposed to develop a computational model where the cell conditions will be evaluated, including cell distribution in different geometries and under different perfusion and/or shaking regimes. The project is developed in collaboration with other universities, where qualitative and quantitative data will be collected on real cell cultures. It is expected to achieve a proposal for a computational solution where it is possible to determine the appropriate conditions for cell culture in aqueous media.
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