Advanced computational simulation of cell mechanics in processes of migration, differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis

Duracion4-5 meses
Fecha Alta2022-01-28
Fecha Baja2023-01-28
ResumenCell migration, differentiation, proliferation and morphology are essential aspects in many physiological and pathological processes, from wound healing to diseases such as cancer. These processes are controlled by different stimuli perceived by the cells, including the stiffness of the extracellular matrix, the presence of chemical factors, and the presence of electrical and thermal stimuli. In these aspects, numerical methods can be useful tools that help to understand the physical mechanisms behind the different processes that affect cellular behavior individually or collectively. The main objective of this project is to develop a numerical model to predict the directionality, speed, differentiation, proliferation and morphology of cells considering different aspects involved in cell migration when different stimuli (mechanical, thermal, chemical and / or electrical) are applied in the cell microenvironment.
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